Enheduanna - the first author known by name

En-hedu-Ana was revered as the most important religious figure of her day.


She is the first author either gender known by name in human history, because she wrote the first texts that can be attributed to a person. 


She was the high-priestress during the reign of Sargon of Akkad (Sargon the Great). While Sargon of Akkad united Sumer and Akkad and conquered the first empire in history, Enheduanna melded the Sumerian with the Akkadian gods to create the stability the empire needed to thrive.

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Queen Puabi

Puabi is commonly labeled as a "queen" but her status is somewhat in dispute. Several cylinder seals in her tomb identify her by the title "nin" or "eresh", a Sumerian word which can denote a queen or a priestess.


The fact that Puabi, herself a Semitic Akkadian, was an important figure among Sumerians, indicates a high degree of cultural exchange and influence between the ancient Sumerians and their Semitic neighbors.


In early Mesopotamia, women, even elite women, were generally described in relation to their husbands. The fact that Puabi is identified without the mention of her husband may indicate that she was queen in her own right. If so, she probably reigned prior to the time of the First Dynasty of Ur.


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Puduhepa - Great Queen of the Hittites

Seal of Great Queen Puduhepa on the peace treaty between Egypt and Hittites
Seal of Great Queen Puduhepa on the peace treaty between Egypt and Hittites


Puduhepa was a Hittite Queen, a Tawananna - married to King Hattusili III. She has been referred to as "one of the most influential women known from the Ancient Near East."


Queen Puduhepa and King Hatusilli III together with Pharaoh Ramses II, put their seal under the first international peace treaty in human history, between the great powers of Egypt and the Hittites. (Die Hethiter und ihr Reich, Wissenschaftliche Buch Gesellschaft, Germany - Page 71)



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Wencheng - The white Tara

Wencheng has brought Buddhism to Tibet, she is part of the foundation story of Tibet. 


Today she is revered as the white Tara, the female Buddha. 


Wencheng was the daughter of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, she was married as a pledge of peace with Songstan Gampo the first Dharma King of Tibet.


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